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Moto-ap BMW R1200 RT LC ‘14

These plates will help to protect the engine case

from what the front wheel can throw up, stones,

mud, salt etc. Once a painted surface has been

chipped, further damage can rapidly occur.

They are made from stainless steel and bolt

onto the front of the case with no fuss.

They are supplied with stainless steel spacers

and bolts along with instructions.

£49.00 + £6.00 P&P UK rate

£49.00 + £14.00 P&P International

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These light brackets are made from 2.5 mm

Stainless steel. They bolt on using existing

holes and are supplied with stainless fixings.

When bolted in place, they provide an ideal

location to fasten your lights.

Fitting instructions are provided.

It is not just riding in the dark that is improved with additional lights, it is your visible presence. This is of great importance when approaching junctions.      Make sure you are seen!

£52.00 + £6.00 P&P UK rate

£52.00 + £12.00 P&P International

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When riding in wet or dirty conditions this plate

provides a 55mm ledge which forms a barrier,

helping to reduce the amount of spray from

reaching the pillion, top luggage and rear light area.

It is made from thin gauge aluminium and then

anodised black which helps in keeping its appearance.

These plates are easy to fit, they sandwich between

your number plate and number plate facia, simply drill corresponding holes or use holes already in the plate

and bolt together using the exising bolts.

£25.00 + £5.00 P&P UK rate

£25.00 + £8.00 P&P International rate

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