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Moto Adventure Products 1100gs 1150gs 1200gs04 1200gs08 1200gslc 1200rtlc 1200rt05 BMW R1100 GS BMW R1150 GS BMW R1200 GS ‘04 BMW R1200 GS ‘08 BMW R1200 RT ‘05 BMW 1200 RT LC ‘14 BMW R1200 GS LC ‘13 Contact us Please select a model below to view a range of products including, front case plates - bash plates - light brackets - radiator grilles stainless bolt kits - rear plash plates - seat tray All our products can be bought on this site or from our eBay store

Welcome to moto-ap.

We manufacture and sell a range of items designed

to help protect your motorcycle. Every time you ride

your bike, be it on Tarmac or loose surfaces it faces,

potential threats such as dirt, stones, water, salt etc.

All these products are manufactured by ourselves at

our premises. We are motorcyclists, so understand first

hand the needs and benefits of these products.

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